The EvalVijana network was founded by Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEE’s) (Titus Mokaya, Leonard Yosi,Wanjiku Kariuki, Alison Mbaluto, Rachel Wekesa, Benjamin Masila and Noah Otieno) in July 2018 during the 1st African Evidence to Action Conference 2018 which was hosted by the International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED). EvalVijana members discovered that they needed to find their niche in the Society after which the network was officially launched in May 2019. EvalVijana network has approximately 38 active members, of whom 22 participants are formally registered with the Society. 
Globally, EvalVijana members also subscribe to the EvalPartners Global Movement’s EvalYouth network, whereby we have representatives in each of the four EvalYouth Task Forces. In a recent EvalYouth webinar, one of the EvalVijana pioneers shared their experience in advocating for YEE participation in evaluations and VOPE leadership as a panelist representing the AfrEA YEE network.
The principal targets of ESK-EvalVijana network are in all areas where decisions that affect the young and the society are made such as; The National and County governments, Private Sector, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academia, and research institutions. The aim is to work with these institutions towards advocating and enforcing Monitoring and Evaluation processes in all sectors, that include and involve young evaluators.